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Situated in Wuyi County of Zhejiang Province in eastern China, Jinhua NewSky Gear Co., Ltd is founded in the year of 2003. We merged with Zhejiang Hengyou Gear Co., Ltd. in September 2018, reaching a total area of 40,000 sqm.
We specialize in designing and processing bevel gears of small to medium modulus from 0.8mm to 18mm, milling range 1.1mm to 18mm.
Equipped with milling machines by Gleason and Klingelnberg, as well as Ipsen vacuum carbonization technology, we have developed or processed thousands of types of products with high precision and high strength. We provide, among others, umbrella gears, bevel gears with high speed ratio, hypoid bevel gears and powdered metal bevel gears. Application fields of our products include automotive rear axle, tram, beach vehicle, electric tool, electric forklift, industrial robot, speed reducer of K series, high precision planetary reducer, elevator and outboard motor. We are trusted long term partner for many renowned big companies from home and abroad.
The company is led by Mr. Luo Jianqin, certified senior mechanical engineer and Mr. Lv Chuangui, associate professor for gear transmission. Having both obtained a MSc degree focusing on bevel gear, they have conducted research on the design and the processing of bevel gears for two decades in the Center South University with dozens of publications in specialist journals of mechanical engineering. An employee of the company, Ms. Wang Huijun published a thesis on an innovative milling process for bevel gears with high speed ratio, winning the 3rd Prize on the National Seminar for Processing Techniques of Small Modulus Gears. Implementing a TCA program, we are able to achieve optimal meshing. We served as a representative of manufacturing companies for small modulus bevel gear in the 2012 convention for amending the precision standards of bevel gears. Up to 2018, our company holds in total 18 patents for new developments and is named as a high-tech SME both on the province and the state level. Empowered by technology and inspired by innovation, we achieve premium quality.
The company has been awarded as an Excellent Supplier for many years in a roll by our major clients including Chevron and Positec. We offer college students internship. For our social engagement and tax contribution, we have received honors from the local government and Grade A on credibility ratings in the Zhejiang Province. We serve as a board member in the Young Entrepreneurs’ Association in Wuyi and in Jinhua.