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I. Content
1. Core Values: Moral Standing, Competitive Products, Capability Basis
2. Company Tenet: Professionalism, Integrity, Dedication
3. Historic Mission: Repaying the Gear Circle and Devoting to the Society by What We Have Learned
4. Company Spirit: Teamwork, Studiousness
5. Staff Spirit: Honesty, Diligence, Love, Surefootedness
6. Business Principle: Quality First, Customer Foremost
7. Quality Policy: Merge advanced technology and scientific management into good character,Pursue
zero defect,Provide satisfactory quality products for high-end customers continuously

II. Interpretation
Responsibility & Objective: Taking “Repaying the Gear Circle and Devoting to the Society by What We Have Learned” as the historic mission and upholding the tenet of “Professionalism, Integrity, Dedication”, Newsky staffs make unremitting efforts to build the company into a famous large-scale production base of small modulus gears with excellent quality before 2010.
Culture & Value: Newsky takes “Moral Standing, Competitive Products, Capability Basis” as the core values and creates competitive products and collects elites in spirit of “Teamwork, Learning”. This is the magic weapon of Newsky.
Customer Supreme: Newsky takes the business principle of “Quality First, Customer Foremost” and really practices the customer-focused management. It takes advanced technology as core competence and provides competitive products with the best cost performance for customers.
Excellent Employees: Newsky employees have excellent hardworking and united morality, continuously keep forging ahead by self-taught, take “Leading a Beautiful Life by Honest Labor” as behavior standard and are determined to be useful persons for the society.